Solar Electric Motorbike

We are developing affordable electric productive use batteries and motorbikes that fit the road conditions of developing countries. The centerpiece, a lithium based battery, can be removed from the bike to be charged with solar panels or on the electric grid.

It can also be used as solar home system: In an office, farm or house where it can power appliances water pumps, grinding mills, meat/ fish/ milk freezers, like LED lights, fans, office printers or simply to charge a phone.

Under Development

  • Solar charging
  • Battery management system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Vehicle design

Pilot Project

Having conducted tests for two years, we are preparing for a larger pilot project in Sub Saharan Africa this Summer.

Our Team

Kayooka Balamani
MBA Finance/ Accounting

Tamara Tursijan
MSc Energy Technology ETH

Jacob Anz
MSc Environmental Engineering ETH

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